Today, one of the biggest impacts of a luxury cosmetic product is its packaging and we are committed to minimising ours as much as possible.

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STELLA refills

120 Billion units of cosmetics packaging are produced each year. To minimise this footprint, we designed a unique refill system: light-weight, easy-to-use, recyclable.

sustainable packaging

our packaging is


The use of our refills limit the product's impact. Thanks to our airless pump (for the Alter-Care Serum & Restore Cream), you can use the product until the very last drop. The glass vessel and the pump kit are meant to be kept with you as long as possible.

responsibly designed

We have minimised the use of virgin oil-based materials, instead prioritising those which are responsible such as the use recycled social plastic®️ from Plastic Bank for our pump kit (Alter-Care Serum & Restore Cream).


We have made our packaging as easy to recycle as possible. When you come to the end of your cleanser, serum or cream, we encourage you to purchase STELLA skincare refills, rather than a new complete product. Check your local recycling guidelines for more information or restrictions. 

*this packaging may not be recyclable in your area. Check with your town's local guidelines.

our refills are

reducing our environmental impact

Our products are refillable with a unique airless pump, allowing you to use every last drop. We also never use single-use packaging to reduce our impact. Our products have on-off pumps to avoid having a cap.


The refills are 70% lighter than the full packaging and can be used on their own – ideal for travelling.

easy to use

They are made to easily refill the original packaging and can be used on their own.

made from renewable resources

Linked predominantly from wood waste using the mass balance principle.


Our refill pouches are made of mono-material to maximise their recyclability.

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limiting our impact

our glass vessels come from Italy and are made from up to 15% recycled glass

our pump kits are made in France and use up to 88% recycled social plastic from Plastic Bank®

our boxes are made in France from recyclable paper with FSC certification 

our refill pouches are made in France from bio-based plastic, linked to wood-waste, using the mass balance principle*

*for the Alter-Care Serum and the Restore Cream