We believe beauty is more than skin deep, which is why we nourish with nutrients from the inside as well as the outside.

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another way to support your skin from within

STELLA goes deeper. Our Alter-Care Supplement delivers active ingredients deep into the hypodermis and dermis via the bloodstream.

feed your skin

We are here to nurture each layer of your skin for true skin health. Alter-Care Supplement works from the inside out, delivering active ingredients deep into the hypodermis and dermis via the gut and bloodstream to the upper layers of the epidermis by simple diffusion. This supports nutritional building blocks to help build and repair the skin.

a dynamic duo

We believe healthy skin needs to be nourished from within as well as with topical skincare. 

Our Alter-Care Supplement is formulated to work in synergy with our award-winning Alter-Care Serum – used them together for intensely nurtured skin and even better skin results.  

Learn more about how Alter-Care Serum and Alter-Care Supplement results are intensified when used together.

scientifically proven skin support

Our products are clinically tested to show that they work to support your skin on the outside and inside.


Our skin is an ecosystem that needs as much care and protection as Mother Earth

Nutrient Rich Ingredients

Powerful actives that help deliver clinically-proven results.

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Impressive, clinically-proven results that deliver our Skin Sustainability promise.

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A scent of mindful beauty

Perfumer Francis Kurkdijan worked with Stella to create 'High Cliff'

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