Our skin is an ecosystem that needs as much care and protection as Mother Earth.​​ Just as we promote earth’s sustainability,​​ we believe in Skin Sustainability™.

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another way to effectively care for skin

We do not force-feed or over stimulate skin for instant gratification. Instead, we work with skin to support its innate ability to regenerate and protect itself.

responsible formulas that don't disrupt your skin

For beautiful skin, today and tomorrow, we have scrutinised each ingredient.

Going beyond European restrictions - which already ban more than 1600 ingredients - we have excluded a further 370. BHT, suface surfactants or mineral oils will not be found in our products.

we leverage your skin's intelligence

Our formulas are rich in actives chosen for their high content of essential nutrients.

STELLA skincare sustains your skin’s key functions, whilst boosting vitality and radiance on the outside. Healthy-looking skin that's strong with a reinforced barrier and improved hydration. 

Skincare bottle ingredients
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we support skin regeneration

Our formulas support skin with essential elements that assist and increase skin regeneration. These "helper molecules" are called cofactors of enzyme.

 Our active, natural-origin extracts that are rich in those cofactor elements are: 

Organic Birch Sap: rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium

Wild Dulse Algae extract: rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium

we support skin protection

Polyphenols are micro nutrients that naturally occur in plants, known for their antioxidant properties as well as their effects against the visible signs of inflammation. Our formulas include:

Biotechnological Lingonberry Extract: rich in antioxidative polyphenols

Cherry Blossom Extract: rich in antioxidative polyphenols and glucosides

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visible results of sustainable skin

a radiant complexion

Your skin looks more luminous

a refined texture

Your skin feels smoother, fine lines and wrinkles look less apparent

firmer-looking skin

Biomechanical properties support skin to look firmer with a more elastic feeling


Our skin is an ecosystem that needs as much care and protection as Mother Earth

Nutrient Rich Ingredients

Powerful actives that help deliver clinically-proven results.

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Impressive, clinically-proven results that deliver our Skin Sustainability promise.

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A scent of mindful beauty

Perfumer Francis Kurkdijan worked with Stella to create 'High Cliff'

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