"The truth is that everything we create has an impact, the choice we have is how much. It's our responsibility to minimise this, and, as an industry to be honest and transparent about it." - Stella McCartney

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a better tomorrow

We are committed to minimising our impact on Mother Earth. Working with an external eco-design partner, we use Life Cycle Assessments to review our impact and make the right decision at each step of the process.

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an eco-conscious approach

More than 80% of a product's environmental impact is determined during the early stages of its design.

By committing to an eco-conscious approach, STELLA skincare looks to find a balance between the environmental, social and technical requirements of our products, as well as their packaging, transport, use and end of life.


Our products are refillable with a unique airless pump, allowing you to use every last drop. We have also limited the use of secondary packaging to reduce our impact, and we never use single-use packaging.


We have prioritised the use of recycled materials​ and we have limited the use of virgin plastic.


When creating our formulas, we are committed to responsibly sourcing active ingredients and increasing traceability. We banned ingredients whose production or extraction process is considered to be polluting as well as some natural-origin ingredients that we consider to be unsustainable, due to their poor extraction ratio or because they are not renewable.

Still life Alter-care Serum
Alter-Care Serum refill

local sourcing and production

STELLA skincare is produced in France and we have maximised our European sourcing to minimise transportation. We source our glass from Italy and our pump kit is made in France using up to 88% recycled social plastic from Plastic Bank. Our boxes are made in France from recyclable paper with FSC certification. Our refill pouches are also made in France and are linked to bio-based plastic, linked to wood-waste.*

*Using the mass balance principle


Our eco-designed, recyclable refill system allows you to use every last drop of your product, whilst reducing its environmental impact. We encourage you to refill your original product, rather than purchase a new one each time. 

end of life

We are focused on creating easily recyclable packaging. We encourage you to recycle your products once they are empty and check your local recycling facilities.

*This packaging may not be recyclable in your area. Check with your town's local guidelines.