Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian worked with STELLA skincare to create ‘High Cliff’, a unique and beautiful scent.

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Scottish waters inspired Francis Kurkdjian Scottish waters inspired Francis Kurkdjian

A fragrance by Francis Kurkdjian

A personal journey between Stella and Francis, the scent of STELLA skincare is inspired by elements of the Scottish landscape.

"It was probably a challenge, but I wanted Scotland in a bottle. I was honoured that Francis accepted that challenge and created this scent." - Stella Mccartney

Each ingredient has been scrutinised to minimise our impact on the planet and ensure that our products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

“Of all my early memories, none have the same unique freshness to them that my mind conjures up when I think of Scotland.

The sea air circulating through the pine trees, falling off my horse when riding bareback into the bracken, that crack and the scratch – those are priceless moments in my memory bank. And it’s all in these products.”

– Stella McCartney 

Stella childhood horse riding
Skincare range

a responsible scent

A fragrance of carefully selected Clove Leaf, Pine Resin and Mentholated Eucalyptus, STELLA’s High Cliff scent supports our responsible skincare philosophy and commitment to limiting our environmental impact by creating a scent with only 12 essential ingredients.


natural-origin ingredients*

*based on the ISO 16128 standard

feel good

Inspired by nature, the unique scent of STELLA skincare has been shown to support a sense of wellbeing immediately after use*. 

*Based on 28 days clinical test, conducted with 32 women of all skin types and tones between the ages of 22 and 66, using STELLA Alter-Care Serum.

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a scent of mindful beauty

Perfumer Francis Kurkdijan worked with STELLA skincare to create 'High Cliff', a unique and beautiful scent.

skin sustainability

Our skin is an ecosystem that needs as much care and protection as Mother Earth. Just as we promote earth's sustainability. Just as we promote earth's sustainability, we believe in Skin Sustainability.

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Nutrient-rich ingredients

Powerful actives that help deliver clinically-proven results.

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STELLA skincare results

Impressive, clinically-proven results that deliver our Skin Sustainability promise.

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