STELLA skincare is a responsible alternative to luxury skincare. Another way to care for skin, us and the planet.
An Alter-Care™.

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we believe there is another way...

another way to create effective skincare

Skin is an ecosystem, just like nature. Our formulas have been developed to not over-stimulate the skin, prioritising long-term vitality and beauty over short-term results.

To achieve impressive, clinically-proven results, each product is formulated to work in harmony with the skin, supporting its key functions of regeneration and protection, and ensuring ‘Skin sustainability™’ – our promise of skin vitality, now and tomorrow. 

another way to innovate, in harmony with nature

We care for Mother Earth, mindfully producing and assessing our impact at each stage of production.

Housed in recyclable* packaging with an exclusive refill system, our products are vegan and cruelty-free – signature to Stella McCartney’s ethos for over 20 years.

another way to create, inspired by nature

We can shape a cleaner and more sustainable landscape by treading lightly and giving back instead of just taking.  

Building a community inspired by nature and kindness today, with a shared vision of creating a better tomorrow.

Alter-care Serum on model

our formulas are

vegan and certified by the Vegan Society

certified by Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny Program

excluding almost 2000 banned ingredients, exceeding those set by EU regulations*

made without many commonly used texture ingredients, which we have banned due to their impact on the planet

supported with clinically-proven results

tested on all skin types and tones

*EU regulations ban the use of approximately 1600 ingredients.

our packaging is

designed to maximise the use of recycled and renewable materials

refillable. Refill once and lower the product's impact on climate change by a third

*this packaging may not be recyclable in your area. Check with your town’s local guidelines.

Refill pouch in nature