organic birch sap
organic birch sap

birch sap benefits

Birch sap benefits skin’s hydration and improves visible firmness. Rich in minerals, sugars and vitamin C, results show an increase in hydration* and visible firmness**We blend birch sap into two of our essential products – Reset Cleanser and Restore Cream. Thanks to birch saps hydrating propertieS, after four weeks of using our Reset Cleanser, comfort of skin is increased by 29%. Our Restore Cream is also infused with birch sap. Transforming the look of your skin, after four weeks of use luminosity is almost doubled, and skin appears up to 20% firmer. 

Discover our Reset Cleanser and Restore Cream with birch sap skin benefits. 

*Documented by corneometry – daily use of the ingredient

**Documented by cutometry – daily use of the ingredient


Birch sap has excellent skincare properties and a limited impact on the environment. Our birch sap is certified organic agriculture and is responsibly harvested.

It is of wild origin, with limited impact from agriculture practices - including no use of pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation. Our selected supplier harvests between just six and 15 litres of sap each day, while birch trees produce 200 to 400 litres each day.

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