Olive Squalane
olive squalane

olive squalane benefits

Naturally-derived olive squalane benefits for skin centre around its support in reinforcing the skin’s protective barrier. Easily absorbed without making the skin feeling greasy, it helps to nourish and smooth whilst reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier.

Our ultimate skin essential, Alter-Care Serum is infused with olive squalane. Harnessing a wealth of active ingredients that are rich in essential nutrients, Alter-Care Serum deeply nourishes and visibly renews skin while reinforcing its barrier function. Skin instantly feels hydrated and revitalised. After 4 weeks, wrinkles and dark circles are visibly reduced, skin appears refined, radiant, firmer, plumper and strengthened.

Discover more incredible results for our olive squalane-infused Alter-Care Serum here.


Our olive squalane is a by-product recovered from olive oil production*, that would otherwise have contributed to agricultural waste.


*Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece.

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